Metrum Entertainment – A Record Label

Metrum Entertainment provides label services to a small but select group of artists. These days it is easy to put some music up on online streaming services, but what we pride ourselves on is the attention to detail in creating a creative project that fully serves the ambitions of the artist. From conception to streaming, from songwriting ideas to royalty collection, we use our many years of experience working for a major label to create a boutique record label that is small on size, but big on focus and quality. 2019 is the first year that we have launched our label services, and there is some great music that will be released soon.

Don Kyote will be releasing his debut album through Metrum Entertainment mid 2019. His music is a blend of Jazz, Psych Rock, Funk and Hip Hop. More details coming soon.

Prototype are two established songwriters who are releasing a full length album of original songs. Their debut album will be released through Metrum Entertainment in 2019. More details coming soon.