Production Services

From drum recording to programming beats, from shredding guitar solos to soft acoustic finger picking, we have all aspects of music production covered. Using top of the line equipment, and years of studio and live performance experience, we are able to provide top quality performances, and capture them to the best possible standard. See some more detail about these services below.

Song Production

Song production is a broad topic, but having said that, we can do it all. With years of experience working for major labels, song production is our bread and butter. Any genre, any mood, we can tailor your music to what you hear in your head. Anything is possible.


With years of experience mixing major label records, and achieving multiple accolades and chart toppers along the way, we are at home mixing all styles of music. Using the best of the digital and analog domain, we aim to make each and every mix the very best that it can be.


Once you’ve got that mix sitting the way you want, we can master your music to the current industry standard, in any genre. Using top quality analog gear, and precision digital software, your music will compete with what is out there in the industry.

Digital Editing

Need some fine tuning to your performance? We use digital editing tools to precisely craft your music. We also tune vocals, making your vocal tracks as good as they can be, while keeping the tuning and editing as transparent as possible.

Drum Recording

Why not get some real drums recorded by a monster session musician, on a beautiful drum kit, in a beautifully treated room, through a classic Neve VR console? With years of recording drums under our belts, we’re pretty damn good at it.

Guitar/Bass Recording

Whether it’s a funky bass riff, wicked guitar solo, or some soft acoustics, not only do we have the players, but also have an amazing selection of guitars, basses, amps, and pedals, all of which can be recorded through some incredible analog chains.

Piano/Keys Recording

Got a piano part that isn’t really cutting it? Perhaps a classic Rhodes section that just feels stiff? No problem, not only do we have an incredible session musician, but we can record a wide selection of keys from Piano, Organ, EPs, Synths and more.


Aside from our skill at recording acoustic instruments, we can provide a vast array of programming services. From programming beats, to arranging full songs in Midi, we’ve got you covered. We used most of the leading DAWs to get the very best of the many tools on offer.